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    Central Alabama Market Update

    By Gina Buck | February 2, 2022

    Central Alabama's real estate market is on fire! This is a prime time to sell your home, and here's why...... Read More

    Join the Party!!

    By Gina Buck | September 5, 2021

    It’s Labor Day weekend everybody! Being a long weekend, you might be wondering what you’re going to do… you might be pondering taking a road trip, enjoying some local festivities, or even staying at home and relaxing. Regardless of which one you’re leaning towards, we have some events and ideas to give you, that will... Read More

    Back to School Checklist!!

    By Gina Buck | August 6, 2021

    HAPPY FRIDAY FRIENDS!! Summer is almost over, and its time for a new school year to start! If you or your child need to stock up on supplies for the classroom or new clothes to start the year off fresh, this is the perfect post for you! We made a list of some different places... Read More

    Fourth of July Weekend!!! Local Events!!

    By Gina Buck | July 2, 2021

    The Fourth of July definitely ranks pretty high on our list of favorite holidays! Between the warm weather, time with family and friends, fireworks, and being able to celebrate our independence, it’s pretty hard to beat. There are always so many things happening on the 4th. You might be wondering whats happening on the 4th,... Read More

    2021 Trends That You NEED to Know About!

    By Gina Buck | January 22, 2021

      HAPPY FRIDAY!   We’re a couple weeks in to the new year, and with a new year comes new trends and styles! This year, the trends and styles you can expect to see are some that we are super excited about. In 2020 we saw a lot of bold blacks and whites, accent walls,... Read More

    What’s going on?? Events Near You!

    By Gina Buck | October 30, 2020

      Let’s get SPOOKY   For all of our fellow Halloween fans out there, we have a special treat for you. Here is a list of a couple events that will be happening this Halloween:   October 31 starting at 7pm you can hear Smith & Buck playing LIVE at Carl’s Country. A fun event... Read More

    What Does THIS Mean for ME??

    By Gina Buck | October 27, 2020

        HAPPY WEDNESDAY!   It’s October! This year has been crazy in a lot of ways, but one that we have experienced the most is REAL ESTATE. Wether you’re a buyer or a seller, if you’ve been involved with any kind of real estate so far this year, you know what were talking about…... Read More

    11 Ultimate Reasons Why YOU Should Own a Home

    By Gina Buck | September 8, 2020

      While it may seem like owning a home might not be the way to go, we’re here to tell you that it is.   You might be thinking of things such as the risks and barriers associated with buying a home. Some of which being, the threat of depreciation, being tied down to one... Read More


    By Gina Buck | September 2, 2020

      WELCOME BACK!   Today we want to talk about something that most find scary and intimidating, but is essential for growth and true success. Especially in the world of business owners and entrepreneurs.   CHANGE.   This is something that we all have in common. At some point, your business will go through some... Read More

    BUYER Q & A

    By Gina Buck | August 26, 2020

      DEAR BUYERS, THIS ONES FOR YOU.   Buying a home is a big deal, and a lot of times, there’s quite a few questions we get regarding this process. But we have good news for you… we’re here and we have the answers! This is actually one of our favorite things about our job!... Read More