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Millbrook Real Estate

Key attractions in Millbrook include:

1. Spending a day at the Alabama Nature Center.

The nature center offers something for everyone. You can stroll across over 300 feet of fields, forests, ponds and streams and learn more about the area in the NaturePlex. There is a Discovery Hall that encourages hands-on participation, a community room and class activities where you can learn more about native plants and animals.

2. Visiting Lake Island.

Lake Island is a popular tourist destination. It’s an area with a relaxed atmosphere. For a nominal fee, you can explore the former movie set and walk the grounds. Don’t be surprised if a few goats come up to say hello! They’re very friendly and welcoming to all visitors. There are areas where you can fish, camp or have a nice picnic lunch on a gorgeous summer day.

3. Enjoying live music at the Thirsty Turtle.

This popular bar and restaurant hosts live music every Friday night. It’s small enough where you can actually hear the other person talking next to you while the music is playing. They offer a nice variety of local delicacies and traditional ales on tap. A nice place to unwind and relax after a busy week.

4. Spending a lazy day enjoying the Autauga Creek Walk.

This scenic area is great for picnics, running, walking or taking the pets out to enjoy nature on a nice day. You can load your boat or canoe into the water and make your way down the creek as well. There are also concerts featuring local artists during the warmer months.

5. Sampling the fares at Poblanos Mexican Restaurant.

You might have to wait for a table during peak lunch and dinner hours, but the wait is well worth it! Their chips and salsa make a great appetizer while you’re waiting for your meal. Heaping portions of Mexican delicacies and other traditional fare make this one of the best restaurants in the county.

6. Hydrating at the Doster Road Artesian Well House.

This artesian well offers water that is clean and refreshing. It is free of minerals and other additives. You can also spend some time exploring the nearby nature area and creek.

7. Resting at the Upper Kingston Park.

This park isn’t well-publicized. It’s often been hailed as a hidden gem. There are a few fields for soccer practice and some covered picnic areas that you can use. There is also a local community center and playground for children to enjoy. It makes a nice place to relax on a spring or summer weekend.